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Funded Driver Training


You’ve already taken the first step to become a Professional Driver by showing an interest in our Driver Training Program.

You can get FUNDED DRIVER TRAINING whilst working full time and being paid a full time wage with THE BARTRUM GROUP.

Due to the high demand for our training program, we ask that applicants meet the following requirements before they can apply for our funded Driver Training Scheme.

  • Be 25 years of age or over (preferred not essential)ADR Training
  • Must have held a UK licence for 5 years
  • Must hold Provisional LGV Entitlement
  • Completed an LGV Medical
  • Apply for a digital Tachograph card
  • Completed the Theory & Hazard Perception Test

This is long and complicated process so don’t be concerned if you do not have the necessary requirements at this time. This is the first stage of the journey

The next step is to get the Medical Examination report D4, The medical certificate D4 needs to be completed by a medical examiner or from your local GP. This will cost £90 see link below to book online

The next step is to get the Provisional LGV Entitlement. The LGV entitlement can be obtained from the DSA at no cost, by ordering a Drivers information pack – D2, visit the following website to order yours.

Application for a driving licence for a lorry, minibus or bus

The next step is to get the Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test Complete

If you wish you can brush up on your skills by trying the mock theory test online This will help  get you through the theory test which is a bit like the car test you need this bit before you take the test.

Once you wade through all this we can get you in for an informal chat, again, demand to get onto the scheme is very high so we cannot make any guarantees at this stage.

To discuss our Funded Driver Training Scheme further, please give Will a call on 01379 870 938 or email: